27 Apr, 2021

When it comes to budgeting, many times it can be difficult to find areas to cut costs when you feel you’ve cut all that you can. But are you monitoring excess within your organization? For example, how many documents are being printed in color when they don’t need to be? Could those 40-page contracts be put back-to-back vs. one-sided printing each time?

Analyzing these questions may sound minimal, but taking control of these outputs can put a nice dent in your excess spending for the year on items like toner, print cartridges, paper and services to maintain those devices.

ABM works hard to ensure you’re getting the best price with your services, as well as running as efficiently as possible. We can do that through a few software programs: FM Audit and PaperCut.

FM Audit is a software service that is provided to our customers, free of charge to them. This service is implemented in all machines, allowing us to monitor your regular daily, weekly, and monthly outputs, as well as keep an eye on the levels of your color cartridges and toner. Through this process, we set up alerts within the software to alert our warehouse when your specific device is running low, that auto-sets a shipment straight to your location, ensuring you don’t get caught in a situation waiting.

PaperCut provides extensive operation attachments to each machine in your fleet. While providing services similarly to that of FM Audit, it keeps track to the printing taking place in your organization as well. It can auto-populate that each print comes out two-sided, unless purposefully changed by the employee. If that is something you don’t want to be changeable, PaperCut can make it an inevitable setting, requiring specific authentication to allow such a change. To provide security protections as well, some organizations utilize PaperCut within their devices to require a badge or passcode at the device before the document will output, ensuring they are not left behind for wandering eyes or falling into the wrong hands. We’ve all been there right? Had a long document printed, went to the machine and grabbed a stack of papers you thought was yours, only to return to our desk to find that the one you grabbed isn’t yours? Installing the PaperCut software in your organization can avoid those mistakes and save confidentiality where needed.

These programs work effortlessly from start to finish, outputting reports of how your fleet of printers operates